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Hiding Out In My Own Place Nida Sinnokrot in conversation - Ibraaz

05-13-16 — Nida Sinnokrot, Jonah’s Whale, 2014. Hand-cut Israeli Caravan repurposed as Palestinian construction site office. 480 x 1200 x 240 cm. Copyright and courtesy the artist.

What does it mean to be making art within the fulcrum of occupation and amidst precarious state security? Algerian born artist Nida Sinnokrot, currently living in Palestine, has for many years constructed his practice around ways of re-envisioning modes of representation, particularly in cinema and film, and commenting on the ways in which narrative structures are built through image to tell stories about his home nation. In his installations raw materials with diverse registers are brought together to create new and powerful emblematic forms that critique and complexify clichés and shortcuts in critical thinking around, and representation of, the region. In both disrupting and drawing attention to the systemic factors underlying specific social situations in his work, Sinnokrot aims to challenge narrative hegemonies. As a teacher he has witnessed first hand the pressures faced by a new generation of artists in Palestine. His ‘back to the land’ project seeks to work against the alienating effects of neo-liberalism on this generation and through agricultural work institute new communities.