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The New Curator

The New Curator brings together twenty-five curatorial voices to give an expansive view of the field today. The book features my interviews with each, charting the incredibly varied role of the curator (a constantly allusive and sometimes uncomfortable term) and documents some of the stand out exhibitions, projects and Biennales that constitute the present generations’ contribution to contemporary art.

How many times have you heard the term “curate” in the past few years? But what exactly does it mean? Curating has been a key concept both in and outside the art world in the past few years, with the remit of what a curator does having changed and expanded with each new exhibition or biennale. With an emphasis on the “now” and the most recent exhibitions, this book examines the variety and richness of curating practices today, from public commissions such as Art Angel to experimental projects such as the Ghetto Biennale in Haiti, or the Rhizome digital archive.