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Internetational - Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

I am pleased to be taking part in the Internetational at Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, a two-day symposium focusing on one of the most important areas of visual culture today: the Internet. Curators, artists, and theorists will discuss this topic with each other and the public in a diverse program of panel discussions, dialogues, lectures, and workshops. The impact of the Internet and social media on visual culture in general has been substantial. A young generation of contemporary artists, defined as Post Internet, have surfaced on social media and in exhibition spaces.

With contributions by: Roel Roscam Abbing, Dennis de Bel, Josephine Bosma, Melanie Bühler, Florian Cramer, Michel van Dartel, Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, Arjon Dunnewind en Ilga Minjon, Kim de Groot, Nathalie Hartjes, Petra Heck, Nathasha Hoare, Joel Holmberg, Wayne Horse, Gene McHugh, JODI, Michelle Kasprzak, Cadence Kinsey, Jan Robert Leegte, Geert Lovink, Jonas Lund, Lucky PDF, Domenico Quaranta, Rafael Rozendaal, Stefan Simchowitz (via Skype), Brad Troemel, Amalia Ulman, Ariadne Urlus, Marloes de Vries, Addie Wagenknecht, Gerben Willers, Olof van Winden, Juha van ‘t Zelfde Curated by: Gerben Willers, Jesse van Oosten and Ariadne Urlus