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Towards the Possible Film - Shezad Dawood

Towards the Possible Film is a short film by artist and director Shezad Dawood. I worked as Assistant Director on the project.

Shot at Legzira beach in Sidi Ifni, Morocco, in a landscape that could well be an alien planet, otherworldly figures appear as if to threaten the peace. Dawood found a deep source of inspiration in the region’s history and the many wars fought in the 1950s and ’60s between Spain, Morocco and the independent Saharan tribes, as well as theories around divine astronauts, collective consciousness and heroes of the science-fiction genre such as Robert Anton Wilson.

The film was commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Delfina Foundation, in partnership with Leeds Art Gallery, Paradise Row, Art Dubai Projects, Witte de With, Marrakech Biennale, British Council, University of Westminster, Chemould Prescott Road, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Dar Al-Ma’mûn, and in association with Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art. Developed in close partnership with Dabateatr, Rabat. Film and Video Umbrella is supported by Arts Council England.

05-13-14-1 — Towards the Possible Film (C) Shezad Dawood.

05-13-14-2 — Towards the Possible Film (C) Shezad Dawood.