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Matthew De Kersaint Giradeau – Performance

As part of this year’s Art Licks Weekender Space in Between and myself invited artist Matthew De Kersaint Giradeau to perform in the exibition space amidst the installation of Bricoleurze….

Artist Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau talks candidly about his father, the famed American Vibraphonist Gary Burton. Burton was a pioneer of the Jazz Fusion scene, and as Matthew will reveal, this had a profound effect on his upbringing. Ultimately his father’s obsession with breaking rules, changing directions and confounding expectations led Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau (née Burton) to change his name and break ties with his father. Here he will talk about the realities of being a member of a family ruled by jazz, and the psychological fall out from what Matthew has termed ‘The Tyranny of Freedom’. To hear his performance lecture click here.