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Antoglyph - Lukas Strebel


An exhibition of photographs c1970 by cinematographer Lukas Strebel. The images are beautifully wrought examples of photographic surrealism and expressive of their time. Their energy and fluency come as a result of Strebel’s particular relationship to both fine art and cinema. With references to Claude Cahun, Man Ray, Maurice Tabard and Hans Bellmer these images are the product of a rich visual heritage. Graphic, theatrical and strange, viewed together they form a dream like sequence of narrative loops and replays, which touch on deep subconscious urges, emotions and fears. Many of the images will be presented as groups and sequences creating a strong sense of an unfolding narrative; the pull of the photographer toward film. As such the images form an unfurling story of artistic development, compositional complexity and metaphorical beauty captured with film.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Swiss Cultural Fund.

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